When to wear YELLOWS

  • Around artificial lighting at any time of the day when there is limited or no sunlight. This includes at home and in public places! (Classrooms, shops and shopping centres, cinemas, restaurants all have strong artificial lights)
  • In front of TV's and screens. It is advised to wear Yellows even if your screen has a blue light filter.
  • In the hours before bedtime.
  • When travelling, to protect against artificial lights and also help prevent jet-lag. 
  • When suffering from an illness, they will protect against added oxidative stress, so your body can conserve energy needed for healing. 

You don't need to wear YELLOWS outside in the day or around artificial light from incandescent or halogen sources in the day.  


Day and Night explained

Research shows that blue light between 400 and 460nm causes retina damage and that blue light between 450 and 470nm suppresses the production of melatonin. 


Our Day YELLOWS have a yellow lens and block 85% of blue light which has been shown to be the optimal level in the day in our extensive market research. A small amount of blue light during the day is important.


At night it is important to protect your melatonin levels to the max. Night YELLOWS have an orange lens and block over 95% of blue light. Wearing Night YELLOWS after sunset can help your body to wind down naturally and improve sleep quality.


Kids at risk

Children are especially sensitive to HEV light. It is able to penetrate more efficiently and directly into a child’s retina.

As we age, the lens starts to yellow, which then acts to block out some of the blue light.

Our generation of children are being exposed to a far higher quantities of intense HEV light than any generation before. It is so important to protect their eyes at a young age to prevent the health issues mentioned here.

A pair of YELLOWS makes a great Birthday or Christmas present with a lifetime of rewards! Or introduce them to your school. 

YELLOWS help to protect against damaging modern lights but they are not a replacement for natural light. For children's eye health, it is really important to spend at least an hour a day outside in sunlight. 


Adults most at risk

Office, factory and shop workers spend whole days working under junk light and/or in front of screens. Important decisions are made in board rooms with bad lighting. Help to influence energy, productivity, health and well being with Day YELLOWS in your workplace.

Shiftworkers - Light at night has shown to be highly associated with risk of hormone specific cancers. Shiftworkers need to pay special attention to preserving energy and looking after their biology. 

Breast Feeding Mothers - Babies don’t produce their own melatonin, so they rely on the mother’s hormones. When the mother has healthy levels of melatonin, they are transmitted via breast milk to set their infants “master clock”, resulting in better sleep at night for you and your baby. 

Over 60's - Once we reach 60, the body produces very little melatonin so we need to protect the production as much as possible. 

Everyone else! Anyone will benefit from wearing YELLOWS.