Stay 20/20 in 2020! This year’s must-have for kids. 

Some key points from the article: 

... It’s so important to protect children eyes at a young age to prevent the early onset of macular degeneration which causes vision impairment and can result in blindness. Children are especially sensitive to blue light as it’s able to penetrate more efficiently and directly into a child’s retina.....

Aside from eyesight, blue light effects hormone release and proper functioning of the body. Dr. Martel, president of the National Academy of Integrative Learning, Inc., references a large body of research evidence indicating that modern LEDs and fluorescent lighting found in virtually all classrooms cause increased:

  • Stress
  • Hyperactivity
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Attention problems
  • Poor learning performance.

Another study noted involved full-spectrum lighting replicating the sun installed in two windowless classrooms, and in another two identical windowless classrooms standard cool white fluorescent fixtures were used as controls. The results showed that several extremely hyperactive children with confirmed learning disabilities completely calmed down and rapidly overcame their learning and reading problems while in the full-spectrum lighted environment.

The overall average academic achievement level showed significant improvement as well and even showed that the children in the two rooms with the full-spectrum lighting developed only one-third the number of cavities in their teeth compared to the children under the standard fluorescent lighting. Many experts suggest that dental health is an accurate indication of overall health. 

Wearing a pair of YELLOWS in the classroom or at home when in artificial lights and especially in-front of screens is an easy way to protect against damaging modern lights. They’re fun to wear and make a great present.

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