The majority of adults will find that the Regular size is the best fit. The Small Adults/Teens is only a fraction smaller so these should be suitable for most adults. However, check your current glasses by measuring or looking inside the temple arms where the size is often marked. 

As a general rule kids under the age of 7 will find the Small size the best fit and for older children the Regular size will be best.


Size Lens Width Bridge Temple  Width Lens Height
Kids - Small 44mm 16mm 128mm 123mm 43mm
Kids - Regular 48mm 17mm 130mm 128mm 36mm
Small Adults/Teens 50mm 17mm 140mm 136mm 38mm
Adults - Regular 52mm 18mm 145mm 137mm 39mm
Adults - Large 55mm 18mm 145mm 142mm 42mm


Optometrists or eyewear stores can make minor adjustments to your frame if needed to customise the fit or if the glasses are bent out of shape. Most will do this for a small charge or for free.

If you find that the leg isn't quite long enough, it's easy to rectify. You can adjust the 'elbow' of the legs by straightening it and making it less-pronounced until the desired fit is reached. You can even make the legs completely straight if you need, and this won't break or damage the strong skeleton. This is how an optician would handle the very same issue.

If you or your child does wear glasses you can add a blue light protection tint onto the prescription lenses. The protection from clear lenses is much lower and be aware that if the glasses are worn at all times, you will be blocking out some blue light from the sun, which is essential for good health. The best solution is to have two pairs of glasses, one without blue light filters for outside and one with for inside. Fitovers or clip-ons that are placed over existing glasses are an other option. Please email us at if you are interested in these.