How to protect you and your loved ones


Wearing blue light filters is more important than ever to protect you and your kids health. 

“Wearing blue-blocking lenses in artificial light is like wearing sunscreen in the sunshine: it's a general health precaution for everyone.” Dr Mercola, alternative medicine expert and physician.


Other ways to protect against junk light

As well as wearing YELLOWS around artificial light and screens there are other ways you can and should protect yourself, especially at home and in your office:

For Screens:

  • Download a programme to reduce the blue light. We recommend Iris which has some excellent settings. These apps control the temperature of the screen which is beneficial for your eyes. They still omit high energy light which enters your eye so and it is recommended to wear YELLOWS when using such programs. 
  • Use Night Shift on apple devices, this can be found in Settings/Display & Brightness. 
  • Try to decrease the amount of time spent in front of these screens and/or take frequent breaks to give your eyes a rest. And use sparingly at night.

For lighting:

  • Change the lights you use most to incandescent light bulbs or DC low voltage halogens. This is especially important for lights used at night or in rooms that contain no sunlight, for example your bedside lamp, reading light or home office light.
  • Use as few lights as possible at night - amber and red lighting are the best at night.
  • If you do use LEDs, use the highest CRI (R9) Index available, the nearer to 100 the better. The CRI tells us about light spectrum. And choose LEDs with the highest flicker rate, greater than 2,000 flickers per second are considered less damaging.
  • Keep your room at night as dark as possible. If you aren't able to do this, use an eye mask at night.
  • Cover your skin by wearing long sleeves around artificial light.
  • Outside the home, you have little control of the environment - wear YELLOWS!

There are many supplements that include high potency antioxidant nutrients that support your eye health. Two excellent ones are Cytoplan’s ‘Eye-Cyt' and Bulletproof’s ‘Eye Armour’.