Are YELLOWS unisex?

Yes, all our glasses are unisex.

What percentage of blue light do the glasses filter?

Day YELLOWS filter 85% of blue light and Night YELLOWS filter over 95% of blue light.

Can I wear them with my contact lenses?

Yes! YELLOWS work great with contact lenses and provide protection from the blue light on your. The glasses should help protect against your contact lenses becoming dry and uncomfortable. 


Do YELLOWS block UV light?

Yes, but it isn't recommended to wear them outside as the blue light from the sun is good for us. 

Will YELLOWS affect my colour perception?

Yes. Day YELLOWS have a yellow lens and are designed to have minimal colour distortion whilst providing a significant blue light filter. Night YELLOWS have an orange lens and there is fairly significant colour distortion. These are to be worn in the hours before bed time and will significantly improve your deep sleep. Both Day and Night YELLOWS take some getting used to, give your eyes a chance to get used to them and you will find they crave them! 

I am an employer or employee and would like to incorporate YELLOWS into our working environment? 

You're leading the way! Please email us at for more information on our corporate packages. 

Employer responsibility

In many countries (you can check your government's website for more info), employees who are exposed to long screen hours are entitled to have protective eyewear provided to them by the employer. If you fit this description, you can tell your employer that you require blue light blocking lenses for your work and they may be obliged to reimburse you for your YELLOWS. 

I am a parent and would like to introduce YELLOWS to the school?

Great idea! See schools.

The legs are too short, how can I adjust them?

Some people will find that the leg isn't quite long enough. You can simply adjust the 'elbow' of the legs by straightening it and making it less-pronounced until the desired fit is reached. You can even make the legs completely straight if you need, and this won't break or damage the strong skeleton. This is how an optician would handle the very same issue.

How can I avoid damaging my glasses?

Each pair of YELLOWS comes with a protective case and microfibre cloth. Regular cleaning and keeping them in the case will ensure a long-lasting pair of glasses. Avoid wearing them on top of your head, this will stretch out the legs and make them loose!

What is the difference between The Ziggy range and The Classic range?

The Ziggy range is a fraction smaller than the regular Classics. They are a slightly lighter frame and a different design. We recommend these for teens and smaller adults.

What size will fit me best?

See sizing.

Can Day YELLOWS be worn at night?

Absolutely! However, if you want to protect your melatonin levels to the max, or you are having trouble sleeping, or you are suffering from an illness or if you are infront of screens before bedtime, Night YELLOWS will serve you better. 

Can Night YELLOWS be worn in the day?

Absolutely! There is more colour distortion from the Night YELLOWS so you will find them less comfortable in the day. But if you're just infront of a screen and not walking around your eyes will love them!  

What if I wear prescription glasses?

If you or your child does wear glasses you can add a blue light protection tint onto the prescription lenses. The protection from clear lenses is much lower and be aware that if the glasses are worn at all times, you will be blocking out some blue light from the sun, which is essential for good health. The best solution is to have two pairs of glasses, one without blue light filters for outside and one with for inside. Fitovers or clip-ons that are placed over existing glasses are an other option. Please email us at if you are interested in these. 

Why are YELLOWS better than competitors?

Firstly, we've seen competitors charge higher prices for inferior products. We believe in fair margins so that keeps our costs down. Secondly, our glasses offer more protection than most blue blockers. Our Day lenses filter 85% of blue light which we feel is the optimal balance for comfort and protection, some glasses on the market block less than 25%. Thirdly, as well as blue light filters, they have a premium anti-reflective coating too which stops distracting light being reflecting in the lens, improving vision acuity.  


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